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Being a part of the mom-prenuer gang called, "Keeping it together" was one of the many things I mastered. Everybody told me what I wanted to hear like, "your beautiful girl stay encouraged", or "you are in the right place at the right time", or my favorite was, "girl you’re a great mother, don't ever let nobody tell you you’re not doing a good job".

RIGHT! Until I hit rock bottom.

Many things can fall into the characteristics of a perfect woman or a perfect mom until truth comes and literally slap you in the face. It was not until I had my son who is 7 and lives in Vegas with his dad. Yes, I was married and had the perfect appeal for the wife, a mother and a house on a hill (lol). The truth was I was ugly and messed up on the inside but because of all the cover ups with wigs, story lines and excuses, it left no evidence when I looked in the mirror of how much help I needed to heal and be free of all the pain and agony I was held hostage by. 


Fact: Having my son was only the introduction to my adulthood but getting a divorce led me to God and his plan for my son and I to have a a successful life.

I have been in the beauty industry for 22 years now and just now discovering my true calling and purpose behind the chair. I vowed to give up way more times than I spoke of loving the life of being a hairdresser. Eventually my social life got a little more exciting when I realized young beauty entrepreneurs are watching me and valued my opinion. 

For a long time, it was my grandmother and I, then my husband and I, then my mom and I, my son and I share a bond that can never be broken. Now I did not say my baby boy lol. I dated a few of them, and came to the realization that I would never want to teach my son to value his mother in a way he could not value himself. Just like I have become teachable to the young ladies in the beauty industry, I have gained enough influence to teach my son the difference in Loving his mother, loving himself to love his wife. (That is in the far future of course lol).  

I talk about my life in a short script to add value to the beauty of my name. How it took decades to live up to its meaning. I stand apologetic behind the chair and now behind the mic, to share imaginable aspirations of my own and how I achieved them just by learning myself and becoming who God created me to be.  God created me in his image, and I strive to not only walk like him but to speak of the various journeys I took and hurtles I tumbled over, got back up and finished to the end. 

Coaching little beauties has become a mantle that nobody can take from me. Sort of like having power over the Joy you never allow people to take. I strive to talk more about how to hold scissors and how to properly care for your body after a 12-hour day at the salon. I live to guide little beauties through the battle with clients, and how to financially manage those dry seasons throughout the year. Most of all, I cherish the vocal ability I hold singing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the mic I pass down to seeds I sowed into.

My next story creates a platform for up-and-coming beauties to learn the how-to and create their own blueprint for their own success in beauty. I gracefully carry a certified belt in the field of beauty, I sing with the mic of worship, I travel the journeys of life for women across the nation but most of all, for 7 years I humbly own the rights to motherhood and a future he can walk into called prosperity.


Beauty is Me and I love the life and story of me.

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